• R.J. Brooks
    R.J. Brooks 2016 Board of Directors
  • John Lander
    John Lander 2016 Board of Directors
  • Scott Ausmus
    Scott Ausmus 2016 Board of Directors

    I have grown up in the bulk industry my entire life, moved from the family business to directing the MFG facility for the largest vending company in the world has been a dream come true, love the industry and the friendships I have made along my journey.

  • Mark Brooks
    Mark Brooks 2016 Board of Directors

    Mark Brooks has been in the bulk Vending Business for over 25 years, based out of Griffin, Georgia.  His vending business has helped him open a health club as well as being in a great position to take advantage of a depressed real estate market. This business has created a great life for himself and his family.

  • John Nashed
    John Nashed 2017 Board of Directors
  • David Kochan
    David Kochan 2017 Board of Directors

    David Kochan is the owner of DK Vending, LLC which is a bulk vending and amusement company servicing the greater Atlanta metro area

  • Rick Krikorian
    Rick Krikorian 2017 Board of Directors

    Rick has been in the bulk vending business since 1990.  He operates in the central part of the state of California.  He has been chairman of the membership committee and currently is on the Scholarship committee

  • Steven Kovens
    Steven Kovens 2017 Board of Directors
  • Craig Goodman
    Craig Goodman 2017 Board of Directors

    Craig Goodman, is VP of Sales of Brand Vending Products. Craig has been in the vending industry for 15 years and is also the Product Safety Chairman for the NBVA
    . He is committed to bringing innovation and safety to his customers and is looking forward to serve the National Bulk Vending Association for years to come.

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller 2018 Board of Directors

    Matt Miller spent the majority of his career as both and AF Pilot and then advertising executive, but tried his hand in bulk vending and was hooked.  Today Matt and his family live in central TX where he splits his time between vending, running his hobby farm, and working with kids in his church and community.

  • Brian Kovens
    Brian Kovens 2018 Board of Directors
  • Ken Recker
    Ken Recker 2018 Board of Directors

    I have been in the Bulk Vending world for 37 years employed by Vendomatic Inc. I started as a route person in the Pittsburgh market and progressed from managing and doing sales in the Pittsburgh  office to running our Distribution Center in Everett PA for the last 27 years.  I have been active in the NBVA for many years both as Golf Tournament director and as a member of the Ways and Means committee and Board of Directors for many years.

  • Rachel Rosenberg
    Rachel Rosenberg 2018 Board of Directors

    Rachel Rosenberg is a partner at Top Notch Toys Inc. (San Jose, CA) with over 18 years as a supplier in the bulk vending industry.  She has served on the NBVA board of directors and the Scholarship committee for the past two years.  She is currently on a committee committed to providing quality speakers for the 2016 NBVA tradeshow

  • John P. Winters
    John P. Winters NBVA Secretary

    The National Bulk Vendors Association has elected John P. Winters of John P. Winters Vending (Wayne, MI) as its Secretary. He succeeds Shawn Dumphy, SSM Vending (Mesa, AZ), who held the post since 2012.